Discover the AV Universe

Welcome to Audrey Vallens, where luxury meets conscience. Renowned for our exclusive garments meticulously tailored in our
atelier, we celebrate the essence of sophistication for the modern woman.

Established in Sydney in 2013 and now based in Monaco, Audrey Vallens embodies timeless elegance with a twist of avant-garde
flair. Each piece captures the delicate yet bold nature of the AV woman, ensuring she feels confident and strong in every ensemble.

What sets us apart is our commitment to constant reinvention, blending new techniques and materials for a fusion of sophistication and sustainability. Inspired by the modern woman who blends trends with timeless elegance, our garments are designed in-house with a conscience.

Our mission is clear: to provide affordable luxury for the 21st-century woman. From impeccable tailoring to urban
streetwear, each garment is made with ethical practices and the highest-quality fabrics.

Founded by Audrey Vallens, a pioneer with over three decades in the fashion industry, our brand is driven by a passion for ethical fashion and sustainability. Join us in redefining luxury, one elegant piece at a time.

Our atelier

All our garments are handmade with the greatest care and high quality materials in our atelier in Barcelona.

Proudly hand-crafted in our atelier